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Abortion Healing

I had two abortions; one when I was 17 and the other when I was 22. I lived with the pain and depression caused by those mistakes for over 27 years. I spent most of that time trying to deny that I did not have any lasting problems from those “procedures.” 

During this time I suffered from major depression and suicidal thoughts. I felt that I wasn’t worthy to be anyone’s friend or even to be alive.

It wasn’t until I heard someone from Project Rachel tell her story. My husband and I were in our car coming home and I began crying along with the lady on the radio and I knew right then that I needed to grieve and mourn the death of my two children.

I contacted Project Rachel and went to a retreat to heal. It was the most extraordinary experience I have ever experienced and I know feel forgiven by both God and myself.

Contact 405-721-5651, ext. 107