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Helpful Forms

New Parishioner Registration

New Parishioner Registration New Parishioner Registration

Registration Forms for Children's Religious Education Classes

2015-2016 Religious Education Forms coming soon

Youth Group Forms

Form A Form A

Youth Group
Every youth who participates in youth group must have a Form A on file.  This form will be valid for the school year.  If your child wants to bring a friend to youth group, please be sure to have the friend's parents fill out this form and bring it with him or her to youth group.    

Form B-2Field TripThis form is for local field trips.  We must have this form signed for each child each time we take a field trip away from church grounds.  Please fill out this form and send it with your child for all events away from St. Monica's. 

Form CAdult Driver:  Each adult driver must have Form C: Driver Information on file.  Forms can be filled out one time and will be valid for the school year.  Please fill out this form prior to showing up to drive for an event and turn it in to the Youth Ministry Coordinator with a copy of your driver's license and insurance card.  (If the form is not filled out prior to the event, drivers may fill one out when they arrive.) 

Media ReleaseEach youth who participates in St. Monica's youth group needs to have a current Media Release form on file.  Please print the form and submit it to Holly Barron, Youth Ministry Coordinator.