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Peru Family-to-Family Ministry Instructions

St. Monica Catholic Church — Parroquia Santísimo Sacramento

Welcome to the Peru Ministry Family to Family (F2F) ministry. This very important charitable ministry assists very poor families in Piura, Peru. Most of the 40,000 members of Fr. Joe Uhen’s parish of Santísimo Sacramento (Blessed Sacrament) are extremely poor. Families are selected that are the most needy in their villages.

Your Family

Your participation in the F2F ministry is effective immediately. Details about your family were already sent to you. Your family will be notified that you are helping them. If you should leave St. Monica or the Edmond area, you do not have to leave the F2F ministry. Determine the length of time you commit to this ministry by the relationship developed with your adopted family, their needs, and your own economic situation.

Initial Exchange of Personal Information

It is our hope that a personal and caring relationship will develop between families. You have already received photos and some information about them. The foremost thing a Peruvian family wants from you is a photo. Information of interest, are your names, ages, birth dates, what you do, and your interests and hobbies. No matter the age of your children, please also supply their names, ages, and birth dates. Your Peruvian family is very interested in you and will pray for you daily. Your message of information and digital photos will be e-mailed to the parish in Piura.

Your Monthly Donation

Your minimum monthly donation of $30 will help support your family for two to three weeks. If for any reason you cannot meet your commitment, please notify us immediately. Your family will not receive cash. The F2F team at Santísimo Sacramento will purchase food in bulk and prepare a package for your family. Money donated in excess of $30 will provide for other family needs.

Your check

  • Make all checks payable to “St. Monica Peru Mission Account.”
  • If for more than one month, indicate the months the check is to cover.
  • Indicate your preference of how any extra amount is to be spent for your adopted family.
  • Place your St. Monica family number and your Peru family number on the check.
  • Monthly, quarterly, semi-annual, or annual payments are acceptable.
  • Automatic payment is easiest and preferred. Download the Automatic Payment of Contributions Form.


  • Use a plain, white envelope addressed to St. Monica Peru Mission.
  • Return the envelope with your check by putting it in the collection basket, dropping it off at the Parish Office, or mailing it to 2001 N. Western Ave., Edmond, OK 73012-3447.
  • Try to send your donation during the first two weeks of the month.
  • Your family will receive the benefit of your check the following month.