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Exchange of Letters

Here is how to electronically correspond with your sponsored family in Peru. 

U.S. to PERU
  • You can e-mail once per month and have your e-mail printed, orally translated, and delivered by the Peru parish for free.
  • The Peru e-mail address is 
  • Begin your e-mail with your family's name and address; for example:
    From: John and Mary Doe (SM-001/047) 
    To: José Madrid Nima (full husband’s name) 
    Armandina Ramirez Farfan (full wife’s name) 
    Los Polvorines, MZ B-15 (village and address) 
  • Type your message and add an attachment, if desired, such as a digital photo of your family 
  • All Peru letters/cards, in Spanish, are scanned and e-mailed to you.
  • If you want translations to English, you must pay $1 per letter/card.
    • Since Peruvians write once per month, we will collect $12 for a year, which is due by December 31.
    • Make out a separate check and put in an envelope, both addressed to “St. Monica Peru Mission,” and drop in collection basket or mail to church.
    • The St. Monica address is 2001 N. Western Ave., Edmond, OK 73012
Exchange of letters is how your relationship with your adopted family deepens. 

Continue to pray for your adopted family; they are praying for you every day.