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The Knights of Columbus at St. Monica Parish donated a monument to the unborn. It is just outside of the back door of the church, which leads into the Blessed Sacrament Chapel where there is perpetual Eucharistic adoration.

The monument serves several purposes:

It witnesses to the fact that human life begins at conception and must be protected from the first moment of conception to natural death. The monument is in the form of a tombstone because it is in memory of real human beings who have died. 

The monument reminds adorers as they enter the Blessed Sacrament Chapel to pray for all whose lives have been shattered by abortion:

• babies who have died
• women who still carry deep wounds from the past
• vulnerable women today who in their fright and confusion are tempted to abort
• perpetrators of abortion whose hearts have grown cold
• those who benefit financially from blood money generated by the abortion industry
• and for our country and all who continue to perpetuate this injustice.

Even with the best of deaths, we have a real human need to return to the graves of our loved ones as part of our process of grieving and letting go. Mothers and fathers of aborted children have an especially great need to grieve and place their burden in the hands of our loving Lord, and yet they have to do so without a grave to help them grieve these deaths and without the usual support of family and friends, who many do not even know. We have quite a few women in our parish who have had abortions and who are in this situation. Our monument to their children is above all a gift of love for these mothers and fathers who mourn, a gift to help with their pain, and also a gift of memory for their children whom they will one day meet for the first time when they themselves get to heaven.

The monument is also available for parents of babies who have died through miscarriage in the natural course of a pregnancy; they also have a need to grieve and yet no place to do so.

People may bury slips of paper of the first names of babies who have died.