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F2F Gift Shipments

This is an opportunity to help your adopted family beyond the $30 per month of food. A large ocean-going container is shipped to Peru up to four times per year with other local Catholic parishes sharing the cost. In-transit-shipping time is about three months. 

You can download a Receipt of Donated Items form for your tax records 

Tax Receipt Tax Receipt

Preparing Boxes of Gifts for Shipment

  • Preferred boxes (18x12x12) are available at Sams, Best Price Boxes, and Edmond Parcels Plus, etc.
  • Medium-size plastic tubs can also be used; large size cannot be used because of weight
  • Fill box fully so that it does not crush under many other boxes. Give it a "sit test."
  • Do not use packaging materials—the poor do not have garbage pickup; use towels, etc. to finish filling boxes.
  • The Peruvian government allows no cards or letters in the box 
  • Fill out the 

    Inventory List (Box Contents) Inventory List (Box Contents)

  • Seal the box with tape
  • Place the “Inventory List” securely to the outside top of box with clear tape—see photo below
  • No name may appear on the outside or inside of the box
  • With a black marking pen, write your code on the top and all sides of the box
    • Your code will look like SM-MMM/PPP
    • SM is St. Monica
    • MMM is your St. Monica I.D. number
    • PPP is the I.D. number of your adopted family
  • Deliver your box to the parish on announced dates
    • Boxes will be delivered by volunteers to a warehouse in OKC
    • Boxes will loaded into a container for shipment—volunteers will be solicited

Suggestions for Gifts to Send to Your Family

Certain donated items are not useful for the very poor. They have very little since they earn about $2 per day. Most of their homes have no utilities: no running water, sewer, or electricity. Many homes are about 300 square feet, made of bamboo walls and a metal roof on a bamboo frame, and a dirt floor. They live in the desert near the equator where the lowest temperature in the winter is 60 degrees and the highest temperature in the summer is 95 degrees.

Do Not Send:

  • Difficult to clean clothes of wool, silk, or dry-clean-only, or heavy winter coats, used underwear, or items with price tags (Peru customs regulation) 
  • Electric appliances 
  • Sofas and matching chairs, or any large piece of furniture (can be purchased in Piura) 
  • Breakable items such as glassware and china (can be purchased in Piura) 
  • Mattresses and box springs (can be purchased in Piura)
  • Anything with instructions not in Spanish or children’s books in English

Do Send:

  • New items (preferred) 
  • Used items are okay as long as they are;clean and not torn (rags) 
  • Clean clothes are always needed. Sizes in Peru do not correspond to sizes in the U.S. Adult males are usually very slim, but short, between 5’5” and 5’8”. Adult females are usually slightly plump, not as heavy as in the U.S., and shorter than a male. Judge children’s sizes by their age, with the understanding that they would be slightly shorter than children in the U.S. All children are very slim.

Suggested Items


Sweaters; it can get chilly in the winter
Women’s blouses and skirts, as well as pants and dresses
Men’s shirts and trousers, long and short
Children’s clothes, boys and girls, all ages
Infants clothing, diapers and any item used to clothe infants
Underwear for men, women, and children

Kitchen Items:

Coffee mugs
Dish towels, sponges
Pots and pans; heavy duty, cast iron
Paring knives
Potato peeler
Plastic storage containers
Soup bowls
Hot pads, mitts
Stirring spoons
Cutting board
Serving bowls
Water jugs (5 gallons)


Bath and hand towels; wash clothes
Soap and shampoo
Toothbrushes and toothpaste/fluoride
Dental floss
Hand cream
Lip balm
Feminine hygiene pads
Vitamins (all over-the-counter medicine must have 6 months or more expiration date!)
Finger and toe nail cutters

Children's Items:

Water bottles
Balls, soccer, football, etc.
Toys (no guns)
School supplies
Books in Spanish
Stuffed animals 

Household Items:

Bedspread (light weight)
Mosquito netting
CandlesTables: small (folding, narrow)
Chairs (folding, plastic, etc.)
Footlocker with lock and key
Picture frames (4x6 or smaller)
Pillows and pillow cases
Small rugs (washable)
Hook rack
Shelving and storage bins
Hand tools
Canvas carrying bags


Sewing supplies: yarn, thread, fabric, trim, etc.
Work gloves
Flip flops
Hats, baseball caps
Sun protection lotion
Umbrella for shade