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Information to Help You Decide about Sponsoring a Family

This program began in 1999. Families in the U.S.A. sponsor (adopt) over 1,300 Peruvian families and provide them with minimum monthly aid of $30. Santísimo Sacramento parish staff uses the money to buy basic needs such as rice, beans, pasta, vegetable stew, milk, soap, toothpaste, toilet paper, etc. The photo shows a family receiving their food package. When on a mission trip, we deliver food packages to families. 100% of donations reach families.

The aid is not necessarily limited to a narrow relationship of economic things; a personal relationship can be established between the American and Peruvian families by the exchange of letters, photographs, etc. American families become padrinos, benefactors, to the Peruvian families. Photos of American families hang on the walls in village homes. 

Up to four times per year, an ocean-going container is sent from the U.S.A. containing donated items such as clothes, shoes, medical implements, chairs, useful school materials, toys, etc., as well as articles originating from the American families for their Peruvian families. 

There are many Peruvian families waiting to be sponsored. To sponsor a family, contact Deacon Lee Hunt at E-mail or 405-348-9461.