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Established in 1993, St. Monica Church was the first parish in the Archdiocese of Oklahoma City to commit to “stewardship” in which parishioners agreed to make a full and faithful response of whole self to God who has been so good to us. Still functioning as a unique stewardship community, volunteers perform the bulk of our parish work.  


Giving from the heart in response to what God has given us. 

Good stewards...
  • live with joy and gratitude for the blessings they have received—including those that have multiplied through diligence and hard work. 
  • live in communion with Christ, and through Christ and the Spirit strive to return all gifts to the Father “with an increase.” 
Stewardship can involve the performance of simple, individual gestures of kindness to working globally toward systemic justice and peace. Supporting the mission of the Church is essential to stewardship and a generous sharing of resources, including time, talent and treasure, is central to its practice.  
    • TALENT . . . As stewards, we realize that these special gifts or talents, received from our loving Father, help us define who we are. When we practice stewardship of talent, we take care of and nurture our variety of abundant, God-given abilities and share our talents by helping others or working in our neighborhood, parish, community or diocese.  
    • TIME . . . Stewardship of time involves the realization that none of us “owns” time. We understand that stewardship truly begins with taking care of and sharing that precious gift of time. 
    • TREASURE . . . Because we have given in many different ways, including financial resources, we experience the Living God here on earth. Giving from your treasure will provide for the growth of self and church. 
You may ask, “How much am I expected to give?” 

Determining the correct and fitting commitment should be a family activity; carefully considered and prayed about to determine what is appropriate. By doing so, we can truly acknowledge that we are committed to and trust in our Lord, the giver of all that is good.  

Often, in discussing stewardship, references are made to biblical tithing (giving 10% of income). In the past, it has been suggested that proportional giving could be based upon giving a percentage of the family’s taxable income to meet the growing needs of our parish. We have been challenged to increase our giving with a possible goal of setting aside:
  • 8% for St. Monica Parish
  • 1% to the Archdiocesan programs
  • 1% for other worthy charitable actions 

How can the talents, gifts and graces you have received be used to benefit others?

Can you make choices that will bring you to see the face of God?

Source: U.S. Catholic Bishops