Family Faith Formation

Parents and children in 6th grade and younger 

For many decades now the Church has consistently taught that parents are the first evangelizers and teachers of their children in their faith. You, parents, already know that you are the day in, day out teachers of your children and all things. This should be no different when it comes to knowing, loving, and serving Jesus Christ! You know how satisfying it is to watch your child learn something—some skill, some trait—especially one that you have imparted to them. The Church and this parish want to help you reclaim and celebrate the dignity and duty that comes with Holy Matrimony by occupying that irreplaceable role of forming your children in the faith. 

Family Faith Formation Registration for 2019-2020 will be held Sunday, Aug. 11, after the 10:30 a.m. Mass.

Family Faith Formation provides an opportunity for you and your children to learn and grow together as you experience the truth and beauty of our Catholic faith. To support you in this journey our Family Program features, in short, the following four dimensions:

  1. Monthly parent sessions,

  2. parents teaching at home,

  3. monthly family events for parents and children,

  4. and participation in Holy Mass.

Pope St. John Paul II wrote that, "family catechesis... precedes, accompanies... all other forms of catechesis.

It is time that our parish efforts reflect this rather than eclipsing the irreplaceable role that you rightfully have for the faith formation for your children. This Family Faith Formation program approach will be the new way we conduct formation for children in grades sixth and younger. For children in a sacramental preparation year (namely, second graders for first confession and First Holy Communion) the parish will be offering bi-monthly supplemental preparation classes. Beyond sixth grade our normal parish efforts at formation for middle school (6th-8th grade), high school 9th-12th grade), confirmation and post-confirmation groups will remain the same.

To join the excitement for this new family-focused formation effort, I ask you to rise to the occasion and to know that our parish staff and the resources for this Family Faith Formation program will give you all the tools you need for growth in your own relationship with Jesus and to model life with Jesus for your children. In the meantime, you may direct any questions you have to Katie Murphree, Coordinator of Youth Formation, or Carrie Harkey, Director of Evangelization, at the Parish Office (405) 359-2700. 

Sincerely in Christ, 
Rev. Stephen V. Hamilton