St. Monica Parish Library

Located in the St. Michael room in the parish hall, the library is available to all parishioners. Our collection focuses on solid Catholic Teachings, Scripture, Prayer, Christian-living, Saints, and Catholic Fiction.


Come in and browse the shelves or you can also use the computer to search the large Catholic inventory by title, subject or author. Instructions are located right next to the computer. 

  1. Once you determine that the library owns the book, CD or DVD you are searching for, go over to the shelves and look for the item by using the number on the items spine (just like at the public library – the Dewey Decimal System is used). 
  2. Find the “check-out” card located inside the book or case. Make sure you put your name (first and last), the date including year and your phone number in the spaces provided. Then, place the card in the little black index file box in the appropriate slot next to the return basket. 
  3. When you are finished with your item, please return it to the basket labeled “RETURNS”. The volunteer librarians will do the rest.
  4. All items can be checked out for 8 weeks. If the time limit is exceeded, a library volunteer will give a friendly reminder phone call. 


We gladly accept donations of Catholic materials that are in “very good” condition. We always review all donations to decide which materials can be used in our collection. Any donated items that we cannot use will be donated to another place. 


The library enlists the help of several volunteers throughout the year. These important volunteers help keep the library running smoothly. Volunteers are assigned 1 week every 3-4 months to work in the library. The volunteer decides what day(s) they come in, the time they come in, and how long they stay. It’s perfect for those parishioners who need flexibility in what they volunteer for. 

Duties include:

  • Re-shelving materials from the “RETURN” basket:
  1. Get checkout card from file
  2. Place card in book
  3. Return book to appropriate place on shelf
  • Performing  shelf checks periodically:  pick a shelf to work on and scan each book to make sure it is shelved in the proper place.
  • Making sure the library is neat and tidy
  1. Straighten all materials on the shelves
  2. Pull books and other items to the outer edge of the shelf

Hours & Contact

Open Monday–Friday, 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM and on weekends when the parish hall is open.

For questions, concerns, or to volunteer, contact:
Jim Dan, Library Director at 373-0081


Note:  The DVD's & CD's include information as to age appropriateness, run times and description to help parents and RE teachers who may wish to check out items for class