Why should I become Catholic?

Every year in the United States and throughout the world thousands are welcomed fully into the Catholic Church. For many, this process begins with a question: Why should I become Catholic? Each Sunday, starting in September those curious about the Catholic Church and the Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults (RCIA) are welcomed to join us after the 10:30 am Mass. These casual, no-obligation gatherings are an opportunity to ask questions about the Catholic faith and learn about how to join the Church.

Any adult who is interested in entering fully into the Catholic Church may continue to join us every Sunday through the Easter season. Those adults preparing for Christian Initiation are guided through a real appreciation of the unity we share as one body affirming our most treasured possession – our Faith as expressed each Sunday at Eucharist (the Mass).

The RCIA has several stages that begin with a period basic instruction and proceeds through the catechumenate (period of formation and more developed instruction) that lasts for about a year. Baptized persons from other Christian Churches, and those who have never been Baptized and who are interested in becoming members of the Catholic Church are welcome. Parishioners who are team-members in the parish RCIA process participate in the various steps leading to the Easter Vigil and Mystagogy (the follow-up instruction and sharing during the 50 days after Easter).

All are welcome.

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For more information about becoming Catholic at St. Monica, please contact Carrie Harkey, Evangelization Director, at (405) 359-2700.

RCIA 2017–2018

RCIA sessions start Sunday, Sept. 10, and meet every week after the 10:30 am Mass. Join us in the St. Anthony room in southwest corner of the main sanctuary to learn more about the Catholic faith or begin the process of joining the Church.