Adoration Hours Available

URGENT - Wednesday - 2 a.m.
                    Monday - Noon
Sunday - 4 a.m.;
Monday - Midnight & 1 a.m.
Wednesday - 8 p.m.
(2nd Adorer needed) 

For more information

If you'd like to become involved (or for more information) contact Cece Dan at 359-2700 or by E-mail.

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"God’s love for us is poured out in the sacrament of the Eucharist, where Christ is truly present for us, giving us life and healing. The Catechism of the Catholic Church states: “The mode of Christ’s presence under the Eucharistic species is unique. It raises the Eucharist above all the sacraments as ‘the perfection of the spiritual life and the end to which all sacraments tend.’
In the most blessed sacrament of the Eucharist ‘the body and blood, together with the soul and divinity, of our Lord Jesus"

—CCC #1374

Perpetual Adoration


Since August 28, 2000 St. Monica's Blessed Sacrament Chapel has remained open 24 hours a day, seven days a week for the perpetual adoration of the Blessed Sacrament. This is the adoration of the Body, Blood, Soul, and Divinity of Christ present in the host that is exposed in the monstrance and placed on the altar for all to worship.

People commit and take ownership of one or more permanent hours per week. They come and spend a quiet Holy Hour of prayer in His presence. Everyone is invited. Everyone is needed!

During this hour, many read the Bible, pray the rosary, read a favorite prayer book, or speak to Jesus heart-to-heart as a friend, some just sit and meditate and enjoy the peace that comes from being in the presence of God. 

At the epiclesis during the Mass, when the ordained priest speaks the words of consecration, the Holy Spirit is called down upon the bread and wine and transubstantiation takes place. The bread and wine are permanently and physically changed into the real body and blood of Christ. 

Two stoles, named the “Guardian of the Eucharist” are located in the Chapel for scheduled Adorers to use, which will help visitors, Adorers and others recognize who the committed, scheduled Adorers are during the scheduled prayer hour.

Scheduled Adorers are asked to take a “Guardian of the Eucharist” stole upon arrival in the Chapel and drape it over the pew next to you or in front of you as a way to announce that you are the scheduled Adorer during that hour.

All Adorers are asked to read the informational card in the Chapel explaining the details.


How has adoration changed your life? What does your time with Jesus mean to you? What has God done for you through your hours of adoration and prayer? What can you tell others that might help open their hearts to come and spend time with Jesus?

Our Lord is so faithful! With all the ups and downs and stresses of life, He is strong, consistent, never failing. If He can die for me - I can give Him an Hour - and He fills me with peace and love I didn't know I had in me! My hour is 4am on Saturday, so getting up can be tough. But usually, the times it's the most difficult and I struggle to climb out of bed are my best hours with Him! He excites me!! In times of desert/spiritual low - I beg our Lady to bring me Jesus - and the "attack" dissipates and the monstrance has this awesome 3D - Alive "I'm here for you" - indescribable love. This question is a lot tougher than I thought to answer! When I give Jesus 1 hour, He gives me peace 24/7. I pray for all eternity!

The time I have spent in adoration has helped me to focus on what is really important in my life. By making time to really listen to God's Love and Wisdom, I am more fully accepting and loving of others. I am much happier and many of the situations I saw as "problems" before are quite simply non-existent any longer. By directing my life toward God and what His will is for me seems to make everything else fall into place. I really look forward to my "quiet time" alone with God in His loving presence.

Adoration for me means one hour a week of silence. Time to shut out the world around me. In that silence I can talk to God about joys, sorrows, goals, etc., just like I would talk to a special friend. Then there is time for prayers to strengthen my faith and ask for forgiveness. Even a few minutes, my eyes closed with the silence around me, is very good for the soul and the body.

In my hectic day, it gives me one hour of peace. I can sit and be in a relaxed state of mind. It is a good time for reflection and meditation. It is a one on one time with God.

In a very busy world - adoration allows me a moment of peace and an opportunity to put things in perspective. What is important? Not what I thought. Prayer has re-focused my thoughts. I look deep inside me and really focus on my prayers and requests. My prayers are direct and meaningful Others? One hour per week, in comparison to other activities, is minimal. If you keep doing what you are doing - you will continue to get what you are getting!

I have been a regular adorer since its inception here at St. Monica's. My Sunday evening time slot was one of few left when I signed up. It wasn't the most convenient time, but I've come to realize over the past years that it is the perfect time for me. It slows me down and forces me to give more of my Sabbaths to God, whereas before I would have been doing work I brought home. Many miracles have occurred (both great and small) in my life as a direct result of my adoration. The most significant blessing I have received has been the birth of my daughter last year. I thought I would never be able to conceive and began adoration begging, pleading, crying and deal making so that I could have a baby. After a year (yes, it took a whole year) of this, I changed the way I prayed. I prayed to know God's will for me in all areas of my life. I thanked Him for my many blessings and came to accept the fact that I may never be a mom. Three months later I became pregnant. I bring my daughter with me to adoration every other week in thanksgiving. God does listen to us.

When I was in Vietnam, I sometimes made a short visit with Jesus in the Eucharist - most of the times very distracted by material things, and I just wanted to get out of the Church as quickly as possible - 1975, I escaped from Vietnam to USA. Over here, I did spend time with Jesus, but still not very often, until 1999 I came to visit Europe, France, Switzerland, and Italy. In France, I went to the Basilica of Sacred Heart to visit Jesus, and I realized that people from everywhere come here to look around the Church like a Museum. They didn't care to spend anytime with Jesus. The same thing happened in Rome, people came to visit the Basilica of St Peter, not Jesus. I felt very sad. Now back in the USA, I go to St. John the Baptist Church for weekday Mass. During Summer time, I go to St. Monica's. Some nice ladies let me know about the Perpetual Eucharistic Adoration in the Church and asked me to join them - that's a blessing - Jesus knocks at my door and I did open for this. He did teach me how to love God, more than that, how to love everybody, even my enemies. He teaches how to see His divine face in everybody. That is a turning point in my life. Nothing can scare me, even death. I don't care about anything now, but just LOVE, love for God, love in everybody, love is everything, and God is LOVE. He is in me - Love is in me and I'm absolutely happy, so I spend time with my Love by coming to church in the Perpetual Eucharistic Adoration. The times I spend with Jesus are the happiest moments of my life. I feel peace, serenity and true happiness in my body, my head, my mind and my soul - I pray everyday that Jesus gives the chance to everybody to know Him, to love Him and to come spend an hour with Him by joining the Perpetual Eucharistic Adoration.