Hope for the divorced and separated


Have you suffered a divorce or separation and fear condemnation, isolation, or disenfranchisement?  The Catholic Church is not here to condemn, but to facilitate healing that only God can offer. Join others in a small group setting during which time particpants will explore surviving divorce or separation in the Catholic Church. Learn about Church teachings on divorce, the annulment process, and tools that can help you manage difficult feelings and situations related to divorce or separation.  

The Catholic Church inspires movement toward God even when things in your life seem difficult. Divorce does not have to define you. Instead, you can use your experience as an opportunity to move foward living in submission to God's will through fellowship with Him.   

The next Surviving Divorce Class begins March 30. Classes are every Saturday from 9 to 11 A.M. at St. Monica Catholic Church. The class will run for 14 weeks. 

Space is limited. Register on our website at: https://www.stmonica-edmond.org/divorce-ministry

Please share this with anyone you know who is suffering the effects of divorce even if it’s been many years.